A SurroundUs Tech Expert at work on her computer.

From remote workspaces and distance learning, to how we store and share our photos, we are spending more time online than ever before.

Do you have a handle on your Personal IT?

Our friendly digital organizers can help.

The convenience of online services and smartphones has come at a price: a mountain of data that has become unmanageable. Have you recently experienced any of these digital headaches? 


Not being able to find your favorite photos.

Getting locked out of your online accounts. 

Having leagues of digital files you cannot sort through.
Wondering who will inherit your data when you are gone.

Our digital organizers offer a solution to create lasting systems to help you maximize your life both on and off screens.

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Who is SurroundUs Services?

We leverage technology services to enable busy people to optimize their digital lives and have emerged as a global leader in next-gen consumer services offerings, including personal IT support, digital legacy services, and data organization.


The average person’s digital collection continues to grow exponentially. Our digital organizers recognize that many don’t have the time, means, or expertise to take on the organization, protection, or maintenance of their digital lives. With a team of professional tech experts, we are a full-service provider and are ready to help you outline and execute solutions to the growing problem of digital clutter that we all face.

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A pile of photos laying on a bed.
Lynne Williamson, a happy SurroundUs client.


Lafeyette, Colorado

"I now have my digital photo files organized and can easily access anything. They were able to delete thousands of duplicate photos. Plus, I believe this process will help my business now that I have a specific file for my business media."

Courtney Walsh, a SurroundUs success story.

Boulder, Colorado

"I had more than 75,000 digital photos scattered across multiple devices. SurroundUs helped me organize, de-duplicate, back up and streamline my memories. I now feel in control of the most important thing I own: my family photos!"

Happy SurroundUs client, Annie Pault.


Longmont, Colorado

“Highly recommend this business! You have no idea how many files you have hiding in old computers and phones until it’s too late! Incredibly professional in the process of organizing, tagging, and backing up all your files!"