Professional Photo Organizing for Busy People

Stop procrastinating & take control of your photo mess.

We know you have the photos. But do you have the time, means and know-how?

With today’s available technologies, getting all your photos and videos into one place that is safe, accessible and convenient is overwhelming. While this may sit on your never ending to-do list, there is finally a solution. 

SurroundUs® Services is one of the leaders in new-age offerings geared to help you take these overwhelming, but important, tasks off your plate.

Whether you are looking for help picking the right system to store all your photos in, getting everything in once place, removing duplicates or digitizing old prints, we are a full-service provider that can outline and execute a solution to the growing problem of digital chaos that we all face.

Let our team organize, protect & maintain your most treasured moments. Wondering where to start?



Who We Are

We believe photos have the ability to create and spread love, joy and connection to those around us.

SurroundUs® is a woman-owned, professional photo organizing business with a passion for helping busy, working parents take control of their digital clutter and feel empowered with their photo management system.


We've become experts in all things photo organization, consolidation and protection so that your limited time can be spent doing the things you love: poring over family memories, reminiscing on life's sweetest occasions and reliving your best moments spent with your best people.

Lynne Williamson, a happy SurroundUs client.


Lafeyette, Colorado

"I now have my digital photo files organized and can easily access anything with the I-Cloud system they set up. Plus, they were able to delete thousands of duplicate photos. It was really easy to make my family photo calendars this year. I was able to access everything so quickly since I knew right where to look. Plus, I believe this process will help my business now that I have a specific file for my business media. It is going to make posting to social media and creating my newsletters so much easier and faster."

Courtney Walsh, a SurroundUs success story.


Boulder, Colorado

"I had more than 75,000 digital photos scattered (and lost) across multiple devices including iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, CDs, old hard drives and the cloud. SurroundUs helped me organize, de-duplicate, back-up, and streamline my digital memories. I’m so thankful for this service. I now feel in control of the most important thing I own: my family photos! This service is essential in this day and age. I almost lost my wedding photos had it not been for SurroundUs®. I highly recommend this service for everyone!"


Happy SurroundUs client, Annie Pault.


Longmont, Colorado

“Highly recommend this business! You have no idea how many priceless photos, videos and files you have hiding in old computers and phones until it’s too late! Incredibly professional and timely in the process of organizing, tagging and backing up all your files! Once my project was all completed is was super easy to navigate and keep up to date as well because of the software that they use! This service would also make a great gift for new parents or grandparents with lots of new baby/family pictures!”

SurroundUs Success Stories


We are a proud partner of the Photo Managers. The Photo Managers is a community of professionals who are passionate about helping their clients manage photo collections and tell their stories.


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