Gaylotta Murray


Gaylotta Murray is the Founder and Storymaker for Your Best Life Media. She is a native of Detroit living on the west side many years until moving to Canton, MI.


Gaylotta worked for over 16 years with non-profit organizations getting a sense of how people live their best lives. How they struggle and how they rise to celebrate life events. She is a solopreneur with a passion for working with images/photos to tell a story.  She believes that everyone has a story to tell and that showing is better than telling.


Gaylotta has a growing photo organizing business that began in earnest two years ago. Prior to that she provided her services on a voluntary basis for four years. Her core service lies with memorial tributes and is what launched her business.  She is now operating an integrated photo organizing business that includes video/photo book storytelling, memory making solutions ( ambassador) and professional photo organizing (SurroundUs consultant), a total package. Her services are designed to address the media needs of small business owners storytelling, memorial tributes and celebratory life events from birth to retirement.


Gaylotta is currently working to become a certified photo organizer through The Photo Managers in 2021.

SurroundUs Services Brand Partner, Gaylotta Murray.

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