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SurroundUs! Services is a Professional Services company focused on helping families, businesses and schools manage their digital photos and videos.

SurroundUs! Services was born from an idea and a need.  I have been the defacto family archivist in my family since I was in college.  A film studies major at the University of Colorado, this seemed like a natural fit.   I loved pouring over the images of my Grandparents and was fortunate enough to have two Grandmothers that saved everything.  Shortly after starting graduate school, I took on a yearlong project with my Father to formerly put together three books for his side of the family, inclusive of stories, photos, snippets of newspaper and even a few posters of plays that starred my Great-Grandfather. We hired a photo restoration company who helped us digitize the pictures and design the final outcome: photobooks.  As the years progressed, I finished my MBA, started work, married and had children of my own.  


During the last five years, my family dealt with the deaths of my beloved Grandparents, and we also lost my husband’s parents.  With each end, we cherished the photos left behind.  By this time, I had a career in software consulting and was able to take on digitizing and preserving these memories on my own.  With the birth of my own children, I started to worry about what would happen with our own memories, since most of them were already digital.  The sheer volume and pace of technological advancements in phones/cameras were difficult for even me to keep with.    I knew I should be transferring photos from old devices to new, backing up my computers, using cloud back-ups as a tertiary safety net.  But still, I had a box of phones (some of which I couldn’t even turn on) and hard-drives, my gosh, did I have hard drives.  Did you know that the average life of a hard-drive before data corruption was only 3 years?  I didn’t.  The more I researched, the more worried I got.  I realized that as a working Mom, I didn’t have the time required to manage my families’ memories properly. 


Enter, SurroundUs! Services. I have spent the past three years researching photo management systems, digital image preservation and exploring available services.  I have created best practices that can be applied to any family situation small or large.  Using Apple and Android devices, no problem.  Our five-step process puts you back in charge of your memories, and brings peace of mind, knowing they are safe and secure.  No time to keep it up, we also offer maintenance plans.  We will back-up, favorite, sort, tag and de-clutter your photo library each month. 


We also launched a school fund-raising offering in 2019 where we digitize and preserve children’s artwork.  We are continuing to help our families clear out the clutter and keep those precious memories.  Also, 50% of the profits go to the school hosting the fund-raiser.  We believe in driving change within our communities and that people need to spend their time enjoying their memories, leave the management to us!  


Thank you for taking the time to read about our story!


Jordan Babeon


SurroundUs! Services

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