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Digital Data Services

Feeling overwhelmed by your data? You're not alone. We are here to meet the needs of people who are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of technology. Our team of professional technicians is ready to help you conquer even the toughest of digital data dilemmas. 

iCloud Digital Legacy Setup

Do you know what happens to your data if you pass away? If no one knows your credentials or has access to your account, your important data is inaccessible to your loved ones. The new iCloud update allows you to choose a Legacy Contact who can take over the data in your iCloud account, including photos, notes and more.

Parental Controls Setup

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for children to understand how to use technology better than adults. And with devices more readily available, understanding how your children interact with them can be intimidating. We guide parents in setting up parameters to help make sure their children can safely engage with technology.

Password Management

It's hard to remember the various passwords associated with your abundance of online accounts, and using the same password over and over again isn't secure. Do get locked out of your accounts or forget your passwords every time you try to login? Our team is ready to set you up on a system that will allow you to securely store your login credentials in one easy-to-manage location. 

Don't See What You're Looking For?

We offer a la carte digital data services based on client needs and priorities. If you need help with your tech, but don't see the support services you need listed, please inquire with our team by filling out the form below.

SurroundUs Success Stories

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Boulder, Colorado

“I own a small real estate business and SurroundUs has been essential to organizing and securing our files in a way that we could not do on our own.”